Graduate Certificate in Evidence-Based Complementary Medicines

grad cert

This new course is designed for pharmacists who wish to expand their knowledge of complementary medicines and cultivate the research and skills to deliver high-quality, evidence-based patient centred care.

New in 2018, the Graduate Certificate in Evidence-Based Complementary Medicines has been specifically developed to equip pharmacists with the knowledge and skills required to provide evidence-based information about the efficacy and safety of complementary medicines including drug-herb and drug-nutrient interactions.

Students who enrol in the course will be taught by leading experts in complementary medicines and will obtain theoretical and clinically applicable knowledge and skills associated with complementary medicines. The course is primarily delivered online and consists of four subjects, including a capstone project. The course can be completed part time in one year.

You will learn how to identify reliable and reputable information resources that provide information on the efficacy and safety of complementary medicines commonly used in the management of health and disease. Furthermore you will learn how to translate this information into day to day practice that is evidence-based.

The course is underpinned by a multi professional, collaborative approach which is patient-centred and focuses on the integration of complementary medicine into the overall health management of a patient.

Why study with us

  • You will be part of a course offered at no other academic institution in NSW.
  • You will develop exceptional clinical skills relevant to contemporary pharmacy practice in Australia.
  • You will graduate with a competitive advantage in the industry, armed with a unique set of skills, and be in high demand.
  • You can tailor your study schedule around your lifestyle and other commitments with advanced online collaborative learning exercises.
  • You will be taught by internationally-renowned, award-winning academics.

Who should study this course

The Graduate Certificate in Evidence-Based Complementary Medicines is open to pharmacy graduates as well as registered pharmacists currently working or looking to re-enter the workforce and who are looking to develop specialist knowledge in complementary medicines that is increasingly required in patient care, government and industry.

Additional information

  • Primarily delivered online
  • Part time over two or more semesters:
    - Two units per semester over 1 year or,
    - One unit per semester over 2 years.
  • 4 subjects, including a capstone project.

Admission requirements

To be eligible, you will need a bachelor's degree or higher award in pharmacy or other health related degree leading to professional registration as deemed appropriate by the School.