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Meet our students

The Faculty of Pharmacy student cohort is one of the most active and diverse communities on campus. The faculty attracts students from all corners of Australia and the world, and our sterling reputation is built upon the consistently high quality of these candidates who choose the University of Sydney to study pharmacy.

Reham Raid Mansour Soro, student, Faculty of Pharamcy, University of Sydney


Reham Raid Mansour Soro
Master of Pharmacy, second year student

"I always had a passion for the healthcare industry. However, when my sister started her Masters of Pharmacy degree I grew to love it more. Pharmacy is such a rewarding career and I can't imagine myself doing anything else. One of the things that attracted me to the Master of Pharmacy is the independence of organising your work and study responsibilities. I also love the different opportunities that the degree offers its graduates - the ability to move from one specialty to another, industry positions and extensive research and teaching opportunities."

Matthew Kyu Lee, student, Faculty of Pharamcy, University of Sydney



Matthew Kyu Lee
Master of Pharmacy, graduated 2017

"My undergraduate degree provided me with few real world skills, limited employment opportunities and poor job security. I was looking for a course that would allow me to be involved in providing healthcare advice at a more personal level. The Master of Pharmacy was the perfect choice as was able to work while completing my degree through self-directed learning. I also really enjoyed the clinical and community placement opportunities in regional locations. At the University of Sydney, I have been taught by excellent lecturers and tutors. The University is internationally recognised and has a reputation for producing graduates that progress to the tops of their field."

Adelya Dyah Sukmadewati, student, Faculty of Pharamcy, University of Sydney

Adelya Dyah Sukmadewati
Master of Pharmacy, graduated 2017

"The Master of Pharmacy has given me great learning opportunities with hospital conferences and healthcare collaboration challenges. The course is structured to give students a positive study, part-time work and social life balance. With the small cohort consisting of students from various bachelor degree backgrounds, I am always learning from others. I’m also attracted by the intensive learning experience from my tutors and lecturers."

Evelyn Boukouvalas, student, Faculty of Pharamcy, University of Sydney

Evelyn Boukouvalas
Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons), graduated 2017

"During my time at the University of Sydney, I received ongoing support from the Faculty of Pharmacy staff and really appreciated their dedication to my learning. I particularly enjoyed undertaking my honours research project, with the supervision of Dr Claire O’Reilly, who was paramount to my ongoing success and enjoyment of my degree."

Matthew Huang, student, Faculty of Pharamcy, University of Sydney


Matthew Huang
Bachelor of Pharmacy, graduated 2017

"The Bachelor of Pharmacy is so much more than being a specialist in medications and drugs. You gather skills to educate people on medication, you collaborate with doctors to ensure patients get the best care, you tell patients key things to look out for and do what you can to help each and every patient in the community. As a pharmacist you play a huge role in a person's health and well-being, it's not only about the medicine but also about being able to create positive change for people and improve their health and quality of life."

Melissa Barakat, student, Faculty of Pharamcy, University of Sydney


Melissa Barakat
Intern Training Program, first year
Bachelor of Pharmacy, graduated 2015

"I chose pharmacy because I want to equip myself with the knowledge and skills required to make a meaningful contribution to the Australian healthcare system. The course combines my interest in chemistry and mathematics with my passion to address social and health-related challenges. My scholarship motivates me to achieve my personal best, work hard and persevere through the challenges that University offers."

Ardi Mirzael, student, Faculty of Pharamcy, University of Sydney


Ardi Mirzael
Master of Philosophy, second year
Bachelor of Pharmacy, graduated 2013

"As a student at the University of Sydney I have had the privilege of working in city, metropolitan and rural community pharmacies as well as clinical placement in a pharmaceutical company. I would say that clinical placement was the most valuable part of my degree, thanks to the great support and guidance I received from my preceptor. It’s so satisfying to go to work in the afternoon and apply the skills and knowledge I had only just learned that morning during class."

Meet our graduates

Our graduates work in community and hospital pharmacy, pharmaceutical industry and research and development and more. See what our graduates say about their experiences studying at the University of Sydney.

Abbie Lawrie, alumna, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Sydney


Abbie Lawrie
Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours), graduated 2009

“Working in finance for GSK has allowed me to combine my pharmacy background with my interest in finance and business. I chose to work in the "business side" of healthcare because of the opportunities it has provided me to work internationally, experience different roles and positively impact people’s lives on a large scale.”

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Bayan Hosseini, student, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Sydney


Bayan Hosseini
Master of Pharmacy, graduated 2014

"A fascination with how medications act in the body to produce beneficial effects, combined with the desire to contribute to improving health outcomes for patients, lead me down the path of a pharmacy degree. During my undergraduate study at the University of Sydney, I learned and worked alongside leaders in the pharmacy industry, their knowledge was a major drawcard for my decision to study the Master of Pharmacy at the University as well. To this day, I am still in contact with several faculty members and draw upon their experience and expertise as I navigate through my career as a hospital pharmacist."

Anne Nguyen, graduate, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Sydney

Anne Nguyen
Bachelor of Pharmacy, graduated 2008

"A love of science and a passion to help people were two of the main things that guided me to undertake a career in pharmacy. A career in pharmacy allowed me to combine and explore both. At the University of Sydney, I learned from leaders in the pharmacy industry, who were always willing to pass on their knowledge. Also, one of the many great aspects of a degree in pharmacy is the wide variety of career opportunities in healthcare available to you after graduation."

Samuel Ho, PhD student, Faculty of Pharamcy, University of Sydney

Samuel Ho
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), graduated 2016
Bachelor of Pharmacy, graduated 2011

"My positive experience of undertaking research during my undergraduate Bachelor of Pharmacy honours year encouraged me to pursue further studies in pharmaceutical research. I have always been fascinated with the human body but what really inspired me was trying to find a way to improve quality of life. I believe my research into reducing the toxicity of medicines will do this."

Cassandra Cameron, student, Faculty of Pharamcy, University of Sydney

Cassandra Cameron
Master of Pharmacy, graduated 2013

"The Faculty of Pharmacy has a great sense of community. You are taught by academics with backgrounds from all different fields of pharmacy. The staff were supportive and always available to help. The structure of the course meant that there were lots of opportunities to learn about different career pathways available after graduation through clinical placements and careers events."

Jay Wu, student, Faculty of Pharamcy, University of Sydney

Jay Wu
Master of Pharmacy, graduated 2013

"The Master of Pharmacy offered me the opportunity to expand on what I learnt in my undergraduate science degree. I enjoyed many aspects of the Master of Pharmacy, including being able to complete a postgraduate degree in two years and being in a small cohort of students. The course is challenging but making friends is easy in a smaller group and both staff and students are very supportive."

Alexandra Mulhall, student, Faculty of Pharamcy, University of Sydney

Alexandra Mulhall
Master of Pharmacy, graduated 2013

"My degree taught me important problem solving skills. This is important in pharmacy when you need to quickly think of different solutions for patient problems. I also enjoyed learning from pharmacists and specialists who work in different fields. It was so interesting to find out how diverse the role of a pharmacist is: from hospital and community pharmacy, through to roles in research, clinical trials, policy making and much more."

Madeline Hills, graduate, Faculty of Pharamcy, University of Sydney

Madeline Hills
Bachelor of Pharmacy, graduated 2008

"Both my brother and sister completed the Bachelor of Pharmacy at the University of Sydney and after hearing about their great experiences, the high standard of the course content and watching their careers flourish post graduation, the University of Sydney was an obvious preference."

Dina Kayali, student, Faculty of Pharamcy, University of Sydney





Dina Kayali
Bachelor of Pharmacy, graduated 2006

"A career in pharmacy is multi-faceted, fast-paced and at the cutting edge of science, medicine, and technology, while also serving a wider societal beneficial objective of health and wellbeing. The structure allows you to develop close networks and peer connections over the four years spent studying together. As a result, I value the lifelong bonds and connections I have taken with me throughout my career and also in my personal life. I also had great opportunities as part of the degree to experience placements in urban, community, rural, hospital, and industry settings. These opportunities broadened my horizons as to the possibilities that a pharmacy degree from the University of Sydney could offer."

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