Podcast help

What is podcasting?

Podcasting is the distribution of audio files, in mp3 format, via the web. It enables you to download a radio show, speech or similar to your own computer and listen to it at your convenience.

How do I listen to a podcast?

To listen to a podcast immediately without saving it, click on the "Play" button below the podcast details. You must have JavaScript and Adobe Flash enabled to use this feature.

To save a podcast to listen later, right click on the "Download" link to the podcast and save it to your computer:

To download on a PC, right click the "Download" link, and select "Save Target As".

To download on a Mac, hold down the Control button and click the "Download" link.

What software do I need?

If you want to listen to a downloaded podcast, any piece of software that handles mp3 files will do. Most computers will have software which can do this, such as iTunes or Windows Media Player. You can also subscribe to our podcast feed using iTunes or any podcast-capable media player, to automatically receive new podcasts as soon as they're available.