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Affiliates Policy
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Appointment of a Deputy Vice-Chancellor or Pro Vice-Chancellor: Selection Committee Resolutions
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Appointment of Deputy Executive Deans, Deputy Deans and Associate Deans Procedures 2018
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Appointment of Vice-Chancellor Resolutions
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Charter of Academic Freedom
Degrees Conferred Ad Eundem Gradum Policy
Election Candidates' Procedures 2017
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Election Procedures 2017
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Guidelines for Faculties to Elect Academic Staff Members to the Academic Board
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Honorary Titles Policy 2013
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Honorary Titles Procedures 2013
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Learning and Teaching Policy 2019
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Learning and Teaching Procedures 2016
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Performance Planning and Development Policy 2012
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Policy and Procedures for the Recruitment of Deans
Pro-Chancellor Policy 2015
Research Fellows: Conditions Policy
Selection of Candidates for Honorary Awards Policy 2015
University Chairs Policy
University Governance Resolutions (as amended)
University of Sydney (Academic Board) Rule 2017
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University of Sydney (Alumni Council) Rule 2014
University of Sydney (Delegations of Authority - Academic Functions) Rule 2016
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University of Sydney (Delegations of Authority - Administrative Functions) Rule 2016
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University of Sydney (Governance of Faculties and University Schools) Rule 2016
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University of Sydney (Organisational Design - Transitional Provisions) Rule 2016
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