Procurement Services is a proud supporter of SydneyTalent, a new initiative of the University that connects outstanding students with potential employers for part-time and full-time employment as undergraduates, graduates and postgraduates.

Completing an internship with Procurement Services provides students with a range of benefits that will enhance both their University experience and future employability.

Our internships offer:

  • Valuable work
    All of our students undertake meaningful work. They gain exposure to challenging, real-world business situations where they can apply the theoretical knowledge they have gained at University.
  • Flexibility
    Study commitments are accommodated with students able to work full-time during semester break and/or part-time during semester in line with your academic timetable.
  • Fair remuneration
    Students receive the market rate for work undertaken.
  • Learning and development
    Students have access to the WorkReady training program.

To apply for an internship with Procurement Services or for more information please contact:

Level 5, Jane Foss Russell Building G02
160 City Road
Darlington NSW 2006

T : +612 8627 8000
E :