Custom Fleet

Conditions of Fleet Card use

  1. All Fleet Card transactions must be vehicle related and ONLY for the vehicle described on the fuel card. Check the vehicle registration number for reference.
  2. The CORRECT vehicle ODOMETER reading MUST be recorded at every fuel transaction.
  3. The Fleet Card is specific to fuel type (diesel/petrol, etc) and may NOT be used to purchase shop items such as cigarettes, newspapers etc.
  4. Custom Fleet Fleet Cards are a secondary fuel card and are only to be used in remote areas where a Caltex or Ampol service station is not accessible.
    (Transactions and transaction locations are monitored)
  5. The assigned driver / custodian is responsible for the security and safekeeping of the Fleet Card.
  6. The Fleet Card must not be left in a vehicle.
  7. Only Fleet Management can transfer Fleet Cards.
  8. Fleet Cards carry an $11.03 administration charge, per vehicle, per month, so all returned vehicle Fleet Cards must be returned to the Fleet Management Office for cancellation.
  9. Assigned driver / custodian(s) who are proven to use the Fleet Cards in a fraudulent manner will be liable for all expenses incurred.
  10. University Corporate Cards are NOT to be used for fuel transactions. Refer to the Corporate Card policy (155KB PDF).
  11. Non-compliance of Fleet Card use will result in the cancellation of the Fleet Card.

Fleet Card theft or loss

Fleet Card PIN numbers

  • It's recommended that where possible a PIN number be activated for your Fleet Card. This may be done with your 1st fuel transaction. This will secure your card from unauthorised use in the event it's lost or stolen.

Fleet Card products

  • This card can be used to purchase fuel, oil, repairs and maintenance at any service station displaying the Fleet Systems sign.
  • However, it is recommended that only fuel & oils be purchased on the Fleet Card unless there is no other choice.