Fuel credit cards

Where a University vehicle is issued with a fuel credit card, the nominated driver shall ensure that:

  • the card is kept securely and is given to only those persons who are authorised by the Departmental Head to use the card.
  • the card is used only for purchases specific to the University vehicle to which it is assigned and not for any other purpose.
  • the card is used only for the purchase of specified products for the vehicle in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications or other specifications as approved by Fleet Management.
  • when fuel is purchased, the vehicle's current odometer reading is always advised to the fuel vendor.
  • the card is to be used at all time possible for the assigned vehicle.
    Where the use of the card is not possible, a record/receipt shall be kept and given to Fleet Management inclusive of the fuel quantity, fuel cost, date of transaction and odometer reading.
  • if the fuel credit card is lost, damaged or destroyed, it is to be reported immediately to Fleet Management.