Procurement Policy


The University's Procurement Policy (198KB PDF) applies to the acquisition of all goods and services, either purchased or leased, from suppliers external to the University.

Acquisition of goods and services include but are not limited to:

  • consumables, including office supplies
  • office, teaching and research equipment
  • facilities management and construction
  • information and communications technology
  • contractors and consultants
  • motor vehicles


The Procurement Policy (198KB PDF) applies to all University activities including foundations, centres, associations and institutes not separately incorporated.

Principals of purchasing

The principals that govern purchasing are:

  • value for money, being the benefits achieved compared to the whole-of-life costs (eg, price, quality, reliability, service, delivery, payment terms, strategic suppliers)
  • quality, efficiency and effectiveness
  • probity and equity
  • transparency
  • effective competition, including fair dealing
  • environmental and sustainability considerations, and
  • other risk management considerations.