The University builds long term sustainable relationships with a wide range of suppliers. Establishing a diverse group of suppliers promotes healthy competition and ensures that goods and services are obtained at a fair value.

We are committed to establishing an equitable and competitive business environment for suppliers and the University, and are developing procedures and initiatives that will ensure all suppliers in our procurement programs receive fair consideration.

This section of our website provides information and advice for suppliers on working with the University.

Important update regarding fraudulent emails

A number of organisations, including those who supply the University of Sydney (University) with goods and services, have been the target of a recent email scam.

The scam involves:

  • A fraudulent email sent to a supplier, which requests quotes for various goods;

  • If you reply to the email with the requested details, the scammer will issue a fraudulent Purchase Order to you; and

  • The scammer will then request delivery of those goods to locations not associated with the University (possibly outside of Australia).

You can take steps to identify this scam by referring to the email address on any communications allegedly from the University.

Any authorised communications from the University in relation to procurement and finance will be from an email address at the domain ‘’, not any variation on this domain.

The fraudulent emails and Purchase Orders originate with email addresses and domain names which aren’t owned or controlled by the University.

If you have queries about the authenticity of an email from the University, please contact us. Please attach a copy of the suspect email so that further steps can be taken wherever possible. It is important you do not rely on the details given in the suspect email, as these can be easily manipulated.

We note that the University cannot accept liability for losses in connection with scams of the nature described in this email.

If you have identified any scam emails, we also invite you to report them as spam if your organisation has a spam filtering system.

Additionally, we encourage you to report these on the ACCC’s website ScamWatch.