Planning a quote

What are some guidelines for preparing my response?

Start early – Seek clarification in plenty of time and plan to get your response in one day before the closing time.

Understand what is required – If you have been provided with a written Request for Quotation (RFQ), read it thoroughly. If you have been verbally requested to quote, make sure that you understand what is being sought. If necessary, ask for a written specification. In either case, if you are uncertain and require assistance, seek clarification from the relevant University contact.

Conditions for Participation – Determine what mandatory requirements apply. These requirements must be met in order for your submission to be considered further.

Evaluation criteria – Determine the criteria against which your quotation will be evaluated. You must satisfy each of the criteria specified. If a verbal quotation process is used, your quotation will be assessed on how well it meets the requirements and whether it offers value for money. For more information refer to Quotation evaluation.

Lodging your quote – Identify how to respond. Check to see if there are any standard forms to be completed and make sure you answer the questions asked.

Note the closing date, time and address for lodging your quotation. Late quotes will not be accepted, except where there are exceptional circumstances and only if approved by the relevant University contact.

Terms and conditions – If applicable, read the contract terms and conditions and make sure that you can comply. Non-compliant quotations may not be considered.

Checklist – Complete the Quotation checklist to ensure everything required has been included.

Submitting a quote

What information should be included in my response?

Your response should provide all the information requested. If a format has not been specified, make sure you include:

  • the quotation name and number;
  • an indication of your level of compliance with the specification, the conditions of quotation and, if applicable, the conditions of contract. If you exceed the requirements, or only partially comply, you will need to indicate in which areas and explain why; and
  • a price schedule. Check to see whether the price should include or exclude GST. Either way, make sure that you clearly indicate whether your price is GST inclusive or exclusive.

What do I need to know about delivering my response?

Make sure you submit your quotation response to the right location and before the closing time. Late quotations will generally not be accepted. Plan ahead and get it in a day early.

In most cases, a response to quotation must be submitted in a sealed envelope.

In some cases, facsimile quotations will be accepted, but you must confirm this from the quotation documentation or check with the agency contact. Facsimile quotations must be received, in full, before the quotation closing time. If your quotation has not been fully transmitted by the closing time, even if this is because the machine has been engaged or is faulty, your quotation will not be accepted.