What do I need to do to prepare a quote?

Quotation checklist Y/N

Do you understand all the requirements?
Make sure that you have read all available quotation documentation and highlighted important points.


When is the closing date?
Make sure you note when the quotation is due and where should it be lodged. Late quotations will not usually be accepted.


What are the Conditions for Participation?
Determine the mandatory requirements that you must meet in order for your quotation to be considered further.


What are the evaluation criteria?
Determine the criteria against which your quotation will be evaluated and plan your quote to respond directly to them.


What are the contract terms and conditions?
If applicable, read the contract terms and conditions and make sure you can comply.


What format do you respond in?
Determine whether there any mandatory forms to be completed. If there are and they are not completed, your quotation will be considered incomplete and will be eliminated.


Are there response schedules?
If response schedules have been provided, use them.


What numbering has been used in the quotation document?
If no set format for responses has been specified, follow the general format and numbering of the quotation specification.


Is your response in a simple format?
Your quotation will be evaluated on content not on an elaborate presentation.


Have you answered all the specified requirements?
Prepare a checklist and tick each of them off as you answer them.


Have you provided all the information requested?
Cross check whether you been requested to supply other information and documents.


Have you demonstrated that you meet the Conditions for Participation?
Make sure you have clearly demonstrated that you comply with the Conditions for Participation.


Have you demonstrated your ability to meet all of the evaluation criteria?
Make sure you have clearly demonstrated (not just asserted) your ability to fulfil all of the evaluation criteria.


Have you completed the price or cost schedule for all items you are quoting?
Make sure you included your costing for all items and followed the GST requirements.


Have you indicated whether you comply with the conditions of contract?
If you exceed the requirements, or only partially comply, make sure you provide a detailed explanation.


Are you offering value for money?
Review your quote to check whether you pitched competitively.


Have you identified how to respond?
Make sure you know how your response need to be submitted, e.g. hard copy or electronic. Make sure you also check how many copies are required.


Have you signed all the appropriate forms?
Make sure you have correctly signed all appropriate quotation forms.