Welcome from the Program Director

My passion is in developing global standards in project management. A key founder of the Global Alliance for Project Performance Standards, I work with corporations and governments to develop their project management capability. Applying a global approach to teaching, research and industry collaboration ensures the University of Sydney is a unique contributor to this growing field.

In a global economy that places a premium on high level skills and genuine innovation, well-qualified project managers and leaders are highly sought after. Whether you want to qualify for a new profession, develop in your current profession or change careers altogether, our specialised postgraduate programs can help you achieve your goals.

Our innovative 'complex systems' approach to project management and leadership is reflected in all our programs. We examine the key interdependencies operating in today’s complex project management and leadership frameworks, and engage with these dynamics to develop proactive and effective planning, management and leadership strategies.

We've been teaching project management at postgraduate level since 1998 through our well established and highly regarded Master of Project Management program, and have drawn on this expertise in creating a new undergraduate program – the Bachelor of Project Management. Working closely with our industry partners, we have also developed an exciting leadership initiative - the Master of Project Leadership - a professional degree for project managers, executives and senior managers seeking to develop their leadership and strategic thinking capability in order to lead projects at an organisational level.

Project management is a fascinating and increasingly important area of study that crosses industries and sectors. We invite you to join us in this exciting and emerging field.

Professor Lynn Crawford

Professor Lynn Crawford is the Director of the Project Management Program at The University of Sydney and Visiting Professor at Cranfield University, School of Management (UK). She maintains involvement in project management practice through Human Systems International Limited, working globally with leading corporations and government agencies interested in improving their project management capability.

Project Management Program

Vision Statement
The Project Management Program at the University of Sydney aims to be a world leading teaching and research school in project management recognised by government, non-government and industry and as a leading authority in the future direction of project management practices and insight across all disciplines.

Mission Statement
The Project management Program aligns with the University of Sydney’s strategic intent and pursues excellence in research through developing new knowledge of government, non-government and industry programs, projects and methodologies using a complex systems approach. The Program integrates this new knowledge in developing the program and project management capability of graduates through world class teaching and learning practices enabling them to effectively analyse, design and deliver value in the practice of project management. The program leads a knowledge network in project management communities to share new insights and promote experimental and experiential learning in program and project management amongst relevant communities to drive value through the management of programs and projects.