External Advisory Board

The essential reason for the Project Management Advisory Group is to continue to ensure the direction and focus of the academic program is informed by the needs of a broad range of industry partners and the research agenda is shared amongst industry to maximise any mutual benefit and insights.

The Project Management Program provides a unique program in Australia as it develops project management capability that can be leveraged across a range of industries at both a foundational and advanced practitioner level. The program has existing and strong links with industry through the GAC PMI accreditation process that validates the programs foundations. The program also draws on the contribution of external academic staff who are also current senior practitioners as lecturers.

The program provides a collaborative learning experience for students with industry. Undertaking capstone and work based projects as part of their academic learning. To ensure the Program reflects the needs of industry and draws on relevant and current practices the Project Management Advisory Group will inform and strengthen these current elements of the program and act as an advocate in industry for the program.

The Complex Systems Research Cluster houses the Project Management Program and provides the opportunity for significant new insights for project management approaches in industry. The complex systems focus includes both theoretical and applied research interests. The Advisory Group will ensure industry has an awareness and interest in the research agenda of the Project Management Program to foster innovation and address challenges that require deep discussion and discovery.

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Role of a University of Sydney Project Management Advisory Group member:
  • Provide insight into the emerging needs of the Project Management industry
  • Provide assurance regarding the academic direction of the existing programs
  • Advocate for the attainment of academic qualifications in the PM industry
  • Seek opportunities to connect the Universities Research interests with industry
  • Provide insight into the potential research interests
  • Suggest opportunities for teaching and research
For Further Information, Please Contact:
Professor Lynn Crawford           

Director, Project Management Program          

T:+61 2 9036 9110                                       

M:+61 410 641 211   

E: lynn.crawford@sydney.edu.au
Ms Margaret Gardoll

Program Manager, Project Management Program

T: +61 2 8627 0865

M:+61 407 427 365

E: margaret.gardoll@sydney.edu.au