Welcome from the Program Director

We live in an increasingly inter-connected world of complex organisational, social and environmental systems.

How do we unpack this complexity? By understanding how these systems function based on the interaction, interconnectivity and interdependency of the micro subsystems of which they are comprised. Here at the University of Sydney, we apply this 'complex systems' approach to project management.

We look at projects as dynamic, complex organic systems and study how to better manage the different project lifecycle phases - essentially each their own micro subsystems – and the risks involved to deliver within time, budget and resource constraints. Our project management programs encourage the development of better governance mechanisms, risk assessment frameworks and a deeper understanding of the network dynamics that can impact resource management.

Take one of our latest research projects, for example, that aims to assist relevant authorities to mount significantly more effective responses to sudden, unpredictable disease outbreaks. This ambitious project combines theories from biology, information systems and mathematical and economic sociology to analyse disease outbreak coordination dynamics. We've also recently received a grant to study obesity in children, looking at ethnicity, socio-economic status and social networks as drivers of childhood obesity and body image.

With increasing global investment in infrastructure, the expansion of environmental or 'green' industry initiatives and an ageing population placing demands on social and healthcare services, there is a growing need for qualified professionals to manage the delivery of these projects and effect change.

We've been teaching project management at postgraduate level since 1998 through our well established and highly regarded Master of Project Management program, and have drawn on this expertise in creating a new undergraduate program for 2012 – the Bachelor of Project Management. Working closely with our industry partners, we have also developed an exciting leadership initiative - the Master of Project Leadership - a professional degree for project managers, executives and senior managers seeking to develop their leadership and strategic thinking capability in order to lead projects at an organisational level.

Project management is a fascinating and increasingly important area of study that crosses industries and sectors. We invite you to join us in this exciting and emerging field.

Professor Liaquat Hossain

Professor Liaquat Hossain is the Director of the Project Management programs and Sub Dean for Postgraduate Studies in the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies.