Ways to engage

University of Sydney Project Management Program

Opportunities to engage with theUniversity of Sydney Project Management Program are varied and we woud like to ensure you are offered what suits your needs and interests. Outlined below are options that are available to you and your organisation.

Options to consider and how to contact

Below is a checklist that will help to understand the nature and level of engagement you are seeking with the University. More details about what is on offers follows or please call Margaret Gardoll to discuss ways your organisation can be involved with the University of Sydney Project Management Program:

Margaret Gardoll
T: +612 8627 0865
M: +61 407 427 365
E: margaret.gardoll@sydney.edu.au

Details of the opportunities available

Skill your staff

Bachelor of Project Management
The Bachelor of Project Management is available as a single 3 year degree program or as a combined 5 year degree option in either Engineering and Arts. Cadetship opportunities can be developed for your organization and scholarship opportunities are also available for high performing students you employ.

Master of Project Management
The Master of Project Management is a flexible program that can be done by your workforce either in block or online mode offering an efficient timetable for professional working students. Using your work context as the basis for many assessments allows students to concurrently work and study. The postgraduate program offers a well structured professional development opportunity for your organisation and is valued by the individual.

Master of Project Leadership
The Master of Project Leadership is a opportunity to earn a postgraduate qualification with a uniquely individual structure. Your workforce are provided the freedom to investigate key project management themes through research, selected course work, visits to international universities and multinational organisations. Participants will be highly experienced Project management practitioners and could be your senior management team.

Source your staff

Careers Fairs
The University of Sydney attracts high achieving students from Australia and internationally. Careers fairs are open to your organisation to meet students face to face and showcase the opportunities your organisation has to offer. These events are promoted within all faculties and attract student who are ready to launch their careers.

Summer scholars
Academics provide a one on one three month research experience for high performing students during their summer break. The summer scholar projects are awarded only on merit and opportunity exists to provide a research based question for students to tackle supported by their academic mentor. There is an opportunity for co-supervision of this student working on your project.

Alumni Links
The Project Management has strong links with past students and keeps in regular contact via social media and,industry sponsored events . Engaging with the program opens up a community of academic and professional contacts.

Student Association Links
The student association, PMSoc, has an active membership of both undergraduate and postgraduate students interested in industry-based opportunities and insight. As tomorrows’ practitioners our students offer a fresh commitment to contribute to the project management community.

Share your insights

Guest Lecturer
Sharing the achievements and challenges of your real world projects deepens student’s understanding of complex projects and establishes your organization as committed to building the next generation of project managers. Topics of interest for students include strategies and approaches to risk, complex project dependencies, managing change in a complex enviroment, complex financial modelling required in negotiations and contracts. You are invited to contribute to a rich class room experience for students at all levels.

Industry Roundtables
Major multinational organisations have strong links with the University of Sydney, a leading global research and teaching university respected in all sectors and across a wide range of industries.
Throughout the year a series of Industry Roundtables are held to gather senior Project Managers, government and University of Sydney academics to discuss emerging and complex issues shaping industry. The role as a Project Management Advisory Group members also offers an avenue to influence the focus of research and teaching in project management.

Conference Partners
The Project Management Program regularly presents at National and International Conferences in Project management and would be interested in discussing linkages with industry to co-present.

Support your success

Capstone Projects
The Capstone units of study requires student to deliver or audit the management of a project.
Capstone units provide the opportunity to have a group of students review your project methodology, make recommendation about optional approaches, evaluate outcomes or document organisational learning. The academics will ensure the project requirements match the capability of the group assigned to your project, Capstone projects are either 12 weeks or 24 weeks and are undertaken by both final year undergraduates and postgraduate students.

Masters Unit Research Reports
The Master of Project Management and Master of Project Leadership include units that demand deep research supervised by our academics. This may include up to 25% of the postgraduate program dedicated to research alone. The opportunity exist to have a group focus on a project that is on your wishlist but do not have the time of resources to undertake.

PhD Research Insights
The Project Management doctoral student is required to provide a unique contribution to the body of knowledge linked to project management. This undertaking requires a minimum of three years full time research. Initially a complete scan of the research literature is undertaken to ensure the subsequent investigation is breaking new ground. This depth and focus may provide the background or insights into issues or innovations that impact your organization. It may be worthwhile to insert your organisations context into these close and detailed investigations and insights.

Extend your network

Research Showcase Events
The faculty hold a yearly research showcase event that is an afternoon of students and academic showcasing the best research in a fair style format. It is an opportunity to talk directly with students and academics and get a sense of the breadth of research being undertaken.

PM Industry University Sponsored Events
The Program holds events with both AIPM and PMI and other Industry associations such as GAPP. Understanding what you are interested in will ensure you are invited to relevant events. The Program is also open to facilitating events with industry and provide an arena for open dialogue.

Multidisciplinary Links
The Program will foster your foster your interest in research through introductions to relevant researchers linked to Centres of Excellence and Research Clusters who are keen to share their research findings.

Faculty Special Social Events
Alumni and Social events are hosted by the Faculty to acknowledge distinguished scholar and build stronger links with industry. If this is of interest there are many opportunities to engage.