Future Postgraduate FAQs

Why are some units online?
The Project Management programs are online because it is essential that the courses be available to project managers wherever they may be. But, more than that, courses online enable you to learn and apply your learning in a working environment that involves having relationships or being part of teams whose members are separated within your own country or internationally.

How long will it take me to complete my degree?
This depends on how long you have to dedicate to your studies. You may choose to study full-time or part-time.
The time limits are:

  • Master of Project Management: maximum 4 years, minimum 1.

  • GradDipPM: maximum 3 years, minimum1.

  • GradCertPM: maximum 2 years, minimum 6 months.

Are there written exams?
Yes, many units have a 2 hour written exam as standard. Examinations are conducted globally for all students overseas who study on-line and we will source an exam centre for you.

Is Government assistance available?
In the form of FEE-HELP for Australian citizens. For more information please see studyassist.gov.au (opens in a new window)

Can I apply for credit for my previous study?
Students may be eligible for credit for prior learning. A maximum of two unit of study (12 credit points) exemptions may be granted if those units have not been used to attain a prior award. Applications for credit must be received by the 31st March or 31st August in each semester.

Will it increase my employment options?
Yes, as you can see from the following Project Management student's comments:
"... positions being advertised are now asking for vocational project/program management qualifications. I believe I will no longer be disadvantaged in my career progression."
Elizabeth Senior

Does my award certificate mention that I studied online?
No, there is no mention. It makes no difference whether your award course has been done on campus or online.

How do I upgrade?
We will contact you at the end of your studies to offer you this opportunity. You must have passed all Units of Study with a percentage of 65+ to apply to be eligible to upgrade to a higher award course.
You can however fill out a request to transfer form towards the end of your first semester and return to us: Request to Transfer form.

How do I downgrade?
You must notify the Graduate School of Engineering (GSE) in writing. You can contact them via email .

Can I go on to do a PhD after the MPM?
Please see the Research Admissions page.