Flexible Learning Options

The Project Management Program offers students flexibility in their learning. Students have the choice to complete the MPM either face to face (on campus), or online.

International Students please note: Student visa holders may undertake no more than 25% of their total course by distance and/or online learning and must not enrol in exclusively distance or online study in any compulsory study period. Please contact the International Student Advisors for further information.

On Campus Study

Students have the option to study on campus in Sydney.

We are offering two different methods of delivery:

Block Mode is delivered usually over two days per week for three weeks. Some days may be on a weekend, you must attend all sessions of a block mode course.

Weekly Evening Study we deliver some units from 6-9pm one night per week for the whole semester.

Have a look at our current timetables to get an idea.

Online Study

Online study provides students with flexibility in their study. Students do not need to have any face to face contact on campus and can study from anywhere in the world. If there is an exam to sit it will be held in Sydney otherwise we will source a local exam centre for you.

Mixed On Campus and Online Study

Being able to mix the method of delivery of your Units of Study gives you the ultimate flexiblity. You may decide to study face to face during one semester but then online during your next semester. You may also mix delivery methods during the one semester by combining the online & the face to face together to enable you to tailor your study path to suit your needs.

You will find, usually, that subjects offered face to face in one semester are then offered online in the following semester and online units will be offered in alternate semesters also. This will allow you to effectively plan your study.

Summer School Units

We always have two - three units of study on offer in Summer & Winter School. Please register through the Sydney Summer School.