Welcome to MSCF

The Mass Spectrometry Core Facility (MSCF) is one of a number of core facilities at the University which provides enabling infrastructure and expertise that you would expect at one of the world's top research universities. The MSCF is housed in purpose built laboratories on level 4 of The Hub, which is also home to the Charles Perkins Centre and opened in 2014.

Services provided by the MSCF include: a 'research hotel', training and contract research services to domestic and international researchers. The MSCF was first established in July 2003 and was previously known as the Sydney University Proteome Research Unit (SUPRU). The name change reflects that mass spectrometry has become an essential tool across the board in life-science research and encompasses area such as metabolomics, glycomics and lipidomics, as well as our tradition strength in proteomics.

The core aims of the MSCF are:

  • Undertake and facilitate high quality mass spectrometry based research
  • Provide access to world class mass spectrometers and develop innovative applications for life-scientists and clinicians
  • Provide high quality training to undergraduate/postgraduate students and researchers
The Hub (aka Building D17 or the Charles Perkins Centre)

The Hub, home of the MSCF.