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SydneyMS consists of the Academic Director, Professor Stuart Cordwell, the Facility Manager, Dr Ben Crossett, three Technical Officers, Angela Connolly, David Maltby and Lake-Ee Quek and the Senior Administration Officer, Jacquie Kufner.

All contract research, training and research hotel requests should be directed to . If submitting samples by courier please use the courier address, rather than the postal address. International customers should request our AQIS permit prior to sending samples.

Please contact with any access and billing inquires.

Meet the team

SydneyMS Team

The SydneyMS Team

Stuart Cordwell

Stuart, a graduate of the University of Sydney, was an author on the manuscript that defined the term ‘proteome’ and has been involved in proteomics research throughout his career. He was Senior Research Fellow at the Australian Proteome Analysis Facility from 1999-2003, and Director of Research and Development from 2003-2004. He is now co-appointed as an Professor in the School of Life and Environmental Science, the Charles Perkins Centre, and the Discipline of Pathology, School of Medical Science at the University of Sydney. In 2014 he was appointed Academic Director of the multi-million dollar Sydney Mass Spectrometry, a core research facility with the University. He was awarded the Selby Research Award for work on bacterial membrane proteins and a Villum Kann Rasmussen VELUX Professorship for his work on post-translational modification of proteins. His research focuses on the post-translational modification of proteins and their crosstalk during bacterial and cardiovascular disease. He has published over 100 peer-reviewed papers with 4000 career citations. He is a member of the Editorial Boards for the journals Proteomics and Proteomics (Clinical Applications). He was recently elected President of the Australasian Proteomics Society (APS). He has co-supervised 14 PhD students and more than 20 Honours students. He also established the first laboratory-based undergraduate Proteomics course in Australia.

Ben Crossett

Ben began his scientific career at the University of Manchester, gaining a BSc(Hons) in Biochemistry, followed by a PhD at the University of Cambridge under the mentorship of Dr F Stewart. It was while he as a post-doctoral researcher at Imperial College, London that he developed his interested in proteomics, applying the methods to investigate novel anti-microbial and vaccine targets in Burkholderia pseudomallei. In 2004, he moved to Sydney to manage what has become Sydney Mass Spectrometry (SydneyMS). As the manager of SydneyMS he utilises proteomic and metabolomic techniques to the study biological systems from species ranging from alpacas to zooxanthellae. He is looking forward to assisting you with access and training on the state-of-the-art mass spectrometry equipment SydneyMS has to offer.

Angela Connolly

Angela has over twenty years’ experience working in the field of proteomics. Before joining Sydney University, Angela worked for several years at the Australian Proteomics Analysis Facility (APAF) as a Senior Mass Spectrometry Analyst, conducting projects for collaborating researchers, commercial customers and internal research groups. She has extensive experience in operating mass spectrometers and HPLC systems. Additionally, she is skilled in data analysis for iTRAQ analysis, shotgun proteomics, PMF and PTM analysis. She is responsible for much of the contract research conducted at Sydney Mass Spectrometry as well as providing technical support to researchers accessing SydneyMS to ensure effective and efficient collaborative outcomes.

David Maltby

David has more than thirty five years experience in the field of mass spectrometry. Until recently he was the manager of a university proteomics mass spectrometry facility in the United States. He has years of experience in ESI, ESI/ETD and MALDI ionization techniques. He has worked extensively with Thermo Orbitrap instruments as well as Sciex QTOF and QTRAP instruments. He also has a background in small molecule analysis including quantitation. Among many other projects, he was involved in collaborations with researchers for the identification of small molecule modification sites in proteins, pseudouridine site mapping in ribosomal RNA, RNA intact molecular weight determination and snake venom protein sequencing. He is also practiced in the maintenance, tuning and optimization of mass spectrometry equipment, including the associated LC systems involved. He joined SydneyMS in 2015 and is looking forward to continuing his career here.

Lake-Ee Quek

Lake-Ee is a computational biologist working on metabolic problems. With a humble start from E. coli and yeast, he works on health-related issues ranging from pancreatic cancer to diabetes. Working at the interface of biology, analytics and computation, he has expertise in designing metabolic experiments, acquiring data by mass spectrometry and analysing the complex data by modelling.

Jacquie Kufner

Jacquie started out her career working in shipping and mining in New Caledonia. From there she has worked in a number of companies in Sydney, prior to joining Sydney University in 2008. Skilled in navigating the university's bureaucracy, Jacquie provides invaluable administrative support to SydneyMS and will guide you through the on boarding process and handle any billing inquires.

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SydneyMS is located in Charles Perkins Centre Education and Training Hub (Building D17, or The Hub for short) on the University's Camperdown Campus.

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SydneyMS Map