Agreements for educational services

What are educational services agreements?

The University is able to enter into agreements with other organisations to provide educational services. Educational services are services delivered, for commercial gain or otherwise, by or on behalf of the University or a controlled entity that use or develop any educational facility, resource or property of the University, or in which the University has a right or interest (such as curriculum, research, knowledge and intellectual property), including:

  • non-award training
  • teaching and assessment
  • curriculum development, review and endorsement
  • curriculum transfer or licensing
  • co-delivery of courses
  • joint venture campuses.

Examples of agreements that can cover educational services include contracts, deeds, memoranda of understanding, exchange of letters and oral undertakings.

How do I commence the process to have an agreement considered for approval?

Your first step is to read the policy and procedures documents that are available to download from our Policy Register:

You then need to consult your dean (or head of school) to discuss the next steps towards an initial endorsement.

Please note: the Agreements for Educational Services Procedures 2011 PDF document contains four schedules that you may need to complete during the approval process. All of these schedules are also available on this page in Microsoft Word format for you to download and edit (see panel on the right).

Contact us

Please contact your dean or head of school with any initial enquiries you might have about creating an agreement for educational services.

For further advice on the policies and procedures relating to creating an agreement for educational services .