Marketing and Communications

The Marketing and Communications team supports the University’s marketing and strategic communications objectives. It is responsible for developing University-wide projects and working with staff and students across the University to improve marketing and communication channels and activities.

Marketing and Communications offers a range of communication and marketing services:


The Brand Unit is responsible for building and maintaining a distinctive presence and image for the University through the development of our brand strategy, brand identity, brand communications and governance, and ensuring that all marketing and communications material produced for the University aligns with the Brand Style Guidelines.

The Brand Style Guidelines website (Staff Intranet) has information on our brand and the principles that underpin the creation of communications material and provides a range of templates for use across the University.


The communications team improve the quality of communication to students and staff across the University. It develops more effective communication channels and produces the following regular publications to inform staff and students about current news and events at the University.

  • Staff News (Staff Intranet) communicates a range of information including news and events, staff achievements and appointments, and operational changes.
  • Student News focuses items of interest to current students.

Media relations

The media team maintains relationships between the University and local, state, national and international media. It is the key contact point for journalists and handles media requests for information about the University and its activities, as well as requests for comment from the Vice-Chancellor, academics and researchers.

The team works with staff across the University to help identify newsworthy stories and develop a strategy for generating the most appropriate coverage and manage requests to film or record for television. It is responsible for publishing the following websites:

Online and print publications

The Web and Digital Development (WDD) team works with faculties and departments across the University to produce high-level material that supports the University’s marketing and strategic communications objectives. It produces major publications such as the University’s main student recruitment prospectuses, the annual report and the central University website, and offers expertise in the design and production of websites and print material such as brochures, flyers and advertisements. All material produced by WDD is in line with the University's brand and style guidelines and best practice.

The Marketing and Communications website (Staff Intranet) provides more information on their areas of expertise including:

  • print design and production
  • content development, copywriting, editing and proof-reading
  • web design, usability, accessibility, and information architecture
  • photography and image sourcing.