Academic Promotions

Applying for academic promotion

Applications for academic promotion will reopen in early 2015.

Intending applicants are advised to consult with their head of school, relevant associate dean or supervisor as early as possible before preparing an application. It is also recommended that you attend an applicant information session.

Policy and guidelines

Applicants for promotion should consult the Academic Promotions Policy and the Academic Promotions Procedures.

The Applicant Guidelines also contains important information about preparing an application and about the academic promotions process.

Applications are to be submitted via the online application form.

Important dates for applicants in 2014



Promotion to Level B

Promotion to Level C

Promotion to Level D

Promotion to Level E

Applications close

20 March


20 March


3 April


17 April


Academic Promotions Unit (APU) sends requests for reports to referees and head of school (HOS)/nominee

3 April

4 April

11 April 1 May 

Deadline for receipt of referees' and HOS reports

24 April

24 April

2 May 22 May 
APU sends request for report to assessors *


3 June 

Deadline for receipt of assessor reports




24 June 

Central Promotions Committee (CPC) meeting

 4 November

24 November

Letters of advice sent to applicants

25 September 22 October 28 November

11 December 

Promotions take effect

1 January 2015 (all levels)

* not applicable at this level

Applicant information sessions

The Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor chaired an information session for intending applicants on 6 February 2014.

View videos of the 2014 applicant information session

You can view the slides by clicking on the name of each presentation.

If you would like to talk to the Academic Promotions Unit about organising a separate information session for your faculty/unit, please contact us. We would be happy to assist.

The Institute for Teaching and Learning also offers support for academics who are preparing the teaching component of their promotion application.

Insights from a recent applicant: Associate Professor Rachel Codd, Discipline of Pharmacology, School of Medical Sciences in conversation with Dr Maree Murray, Acting Director, Equity and Diversity Strategy about applying for promotion.

Applicant information session 2014

The Academic Promotions Unit runs an information session in February of each year, to assist academics who are planning an application. The following presentations were recorded at the Applicant information session in February 2014.

Welcome and overview
Presenter: Professor Stephen Garton, Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor

22:29 minutes Download video (mp4, 73.44 Mb)

Service to the University, discipline and community
Presenter: Associate Professor Peter McCallum, Chair, Academic Board

17:04 minutes Download video (mp4, 68.58 Mb)

Presenting the teaching case
Presenter: Professor Keith Trigwell, Institute for Teaching and Learning

15:30 minutes Download video (mp4, 67.64 Mb)

Making the case for research
Presenter: Professor Stephen Garton, Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor

22:28 minutes Download video (mp4, 71.65 Mb)

Preparing a successful application
Presenter: Associate Professor Arlie Loughnan, successful applicant to Level D, 2013

28:13 minutes Download video (mp4, 117.74 Mb)

Equal opportunity principles and promotion
Presenter: Dr Maree Murray, Acting Director, Equity and Diversity Strategy Centre

02:22 minutes Download video (mp4, 5.95 Mb)

Career development information session

The 2014 Career Development information session was held on 12 November. This session was aimed at academic staff thinking of applying for promotion in the next few years, to assist them with planning a strong application.

View presentation slides:

Committee training

View presentation slides from the 2014 Committee Briefing Session.

Institute for Teaching and Learning (ITL) support

In collaboration with faculty colleagues, the ITL offers workshops in faculties to support promotion applicants in making their case for teaching. Information on these workshops can be viewed at

Contact information

For more information or assistance, contact the Academic Promotions Unit, Room L2.03, Quadrangle, Camperdown Campus:

  • +61 2 9036 5198 (Monday to Thursday)
  • +61 9351 4039