Strategic goals

Sydney's purpose

We aim to create and sustain a university that will, for the benefit of both Australia and the wider world, maximise the potential of the brightest researchers and most promising students, whatever their social or cultural background.

Sydney's values

a. Engaged enquiry - the type of work to which we aspire: the University is a place in which ideas, both new and old, are learned, tested, challenged and modified; a place where ideas are neither accepted nor rejected too hastily.

b. mutual accountability - the way in which we should organise our life together as an academic community: individual members of the University, and the academic communities of which they are part, should be accountable for their contribution to the academic and financial health of the institution; has implications for our commitment to, and expectations of, individual staff and students; also for our approach to decision-making, and for the relationship between various academic communities that constitute the University.

Sydney's integrated vision for education and research

The University is, and should be, a place where education and research are held as closely together as possible, where all students and staff are both learners and researchers; where there are plentiful opportunities to connect our work to the needs and insights of the local, national, regional and international communities that the University serves.

Sydney's goals

In order to realise this vision (to address society's complex and multi-faceted fundamental research questions by communities of staff and students coming together both within, and across, cognate disciplines, working in different combinations as questions evolve, and undertaking shared research and teaching) we must:

  1. give our students and researchers freedom to pursue any line of enquiry
  2. identify our research strengths
  3. bring those research strengths, and emerging areas of work, together with the national research priorities and the needs of our region
  4. provide appropriate support for all researchers, not least in our digital and physical infrastructure