Richard Hyde

Richard Hyde

Professor of Architectural Science
BSc (Hons) PhD DipArch

Professor Hyde’s research is based on the notion that the social and cultural change to a more sustainable future is a journey, which involves transformation of current economic, social and environmental theory and practice.

A central construct to this approach is to explore the bioclimatic context to design extending Olgay’s early work though the idea of climate responsive design; using the poetic and pragmatic issues of using site climate as a determinant in the conceptual and technical development of a project (Hyde 2001). Extensions to this approach came though the IEA Task 28 on Sustainable Solar Housing. This work has involved developing and integrating new green technologies in conjunction with the Forest and Wood Products Association, The Institute of Wood Science, USA and over thirty industry partners. This cross disciplinary work resulted in a demonstration project creating an innovative lightweight sustainable prototype building (Healthy Home Project Australia).

A conclusion to date identified the need to aid transformation though development new sustainable design standards and design tools. To this he has coordinated numerous projects through the Sustainable Tourism Collaborative Research Centre leading to innovative international Earthcheck Standards for the design and operational phases of sustainable development. Notable tools involved computer-based design systems such as an energy-conservation tool for architects called LTV developed in conjunction with The Martin Centre, the University of Cambridge, UK.


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