University-Wide Core Research Facilities

The University of Sydney has a range of University-wide core research facilities. These platforms for collaboration provide access to high-end research infrastructure and services, to internal and external researchers. Each core facility has expert staff who provide training and can advise on research design, equipment use and data analysis.

ARC/NHMRC grant application advice for core facility users

If you are planning to submit an ARC or NHMRC grant application and you are planning to use equipment in one of the core facilities, we strongly suggest reading our grant application guide and contacting the Core Facility Director and/or Manager, who has knowledge of prior grant proposals in their area, and can provide additional expertise or feedback on the scope of your proposed work.

Core facilities now open

Core facilities coming soon:

Core Facilities Program

The University of Sydney Research Portfolio enables our research strategies by delivering high-end research infrastructure through the Core Facilities Program. Core facilities are funded through a combination of user fees and contributions from user faculties.

This initiative is the first step in the University’s broader strategy to establish, manage and govern high-end research infrastructure in whole-of-university core research facilities, representing an exciting new phase in the University’s approach to enabling advanced research.

For further information about the Core Facility Program, please contact:

Professor Simon Ringer
Director, Core Research Facilities
T +61 2 9351 2351