Animal models of adolescent drug use


The McGregor laboratory has a focus on the neural basis of addiction, the long-term effects of drug abuse on brain and behaviour, and the development of novel pharmacotherapies for addictive disorders.



Professor Iain McGregor

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School of Psychology

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Adolescence is a time of continuing brain development but also a peak time of drug and alcohol abuse. Early exposure to alcohol, cannabis, inhalants and other drugs is increasingly linked to mental health problems in young people. However, adolescents may be resistant to the therapeutic effects of antidepressant drugs. In the present project animal models will be used to (1) characterise the acute effects of various abused drugs and antidepressant drugs on the adolescent brain and behaviour, (2) assess lasting neural impacts of adolescent drug exposure, and (3) link these lasting neural changes to specific behavioural and cognitive impacts.

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Psychology & Neuroscience, Addiction, Alcohol, Ecstasy, Proteomics, Adolescence, cannabis, methamphetamine, depression, anxiety

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