The effect of stigma and discrimination on the outcome of mental disorder


This project is available to enable an enthusiastic student to study the effects of stigma, discrimination and social cognition in mental disorder within a large multi national study


Professor Nick Glozier, Associate Professor Adam Guastella, Professor Ian Hickie

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Camperdown - Brain and Mind Research Institute

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The project will enable the PhD candidate to be involved in a multi-country centre of stigma or discrimination experienced by people with mental disorder. We will addresses key areas of everyday life and social participation, including work, marriage, parenting, housing, leisure, and religious activities through survey and in depth interview. The effect of discriminatory experiences upon the outcome of these disorders will be explored within the context of a larger study of young people with mental disorder and their transition to serious mental illness. The candidate can examine the role of social cognition in understanding stigma, discrimination, self esteem and empowerment through a range of psychophysiological techniques.

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Stigma, discrimination, social cognition, depression, mental disorder, cohort, outcome, psychology

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