Capacity Building to Strengthen Health Workforce Governance and Management in Indonesia


Indonesia’s large and widely dispersed population makes providing equal access to health care a challenging task. Despite attempts by the Indonesian Government, the quality of health professionals varies and there remains a disproportionate concentration of health professionals in urban areas.  Accordingly, this Project aims to improve the Indonesian Government’s ability to deliver quality health services throughout Indonesia by improving workforce governance and management in the health sector. 


Professor Stephanie Short

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Health Systems and Global Populations Research Group

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The principal objectives of this Project are:
1) To build the capacity of Indonesian MoH staff to improve the quality of the health workforce, thereby providing the human capital needed to address the disparities between urban and rural areas;
2) To improve MoH knowledge and skills in accreditation, workforce planning and co-ordination of health care services in rural communities and build its capacity to train staff in such areas; and
3) To draft a national plan for the medical care system fully applicable to the local context, thus providing the local Government with a comprehensive reference point.

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health workforce, health workforce governance, rural health, Indonesia

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