Elucidation of proteins involved in fungal pathogenesis


This project will investigate proteins up-regulated during mammalian infection by the fungal pathogen Cryptococcus.


Dr Dee Carter

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School of Molecular Bioscience

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Fungi cause a diverse range of diseases and are very difficult to treat. This project looks at proteins that are made by infectious fungi while they are causing disease in animal cells. Proteins made in particularly high abundance may be essential for the fungus to live and grow in animal tissues. By specifically targeting their production, it should be possible to stop the infection without harming the host cell. This information will therefore be used to design new antifungal drugs.

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Cryptococcosis, mycosis, meningitis, pulmonary infection, Proteomics, Cryptococcus, yeast, pathogen, infection, Infectious diseases, Genes in biology & medicine, Infection & immunity

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The opportunity ID for this research opportunity is: 122