Psychological risk factors for chronic disease, self harm, and death

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This project aims to look at the effects of individuals psychology e.g. depression, neuroticism & locus of control upon the later risks of developing chronic physical disease and health service use in two large cohorts linked to a national health database.


Professor Nick Glozier

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The George Institute for Global Health

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In the mid-late 90’s 23,000 New Zealand blood donors and 12,000 healthy employees completed extensive health surveys including assessments of many psycho-social factors which are thought to influence the development of chronic ill health. These participant’s health service use over the subsequent decade can be linked using New Zealand’s national health data systems. The project can look at the influence of many different factors upon chronic disease, death, self harm and health service use over this time. There are a number of potential projects and suitable candidates can tailor these to their interests.

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The data linkage will have been completed by commencement of the project and thus the student will be using a ready made database. We would also hope to extend this work to look at social effects and interactions e.g. social capital, trust

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cardiovascular, Cancer, depression, death, self harm, psychology, cohort study, chronic disease, heath services research, Behavioural & psychiatric disorders, Chronic diseases & ageing, Neuroscience & psychology

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