Using a simple exercise intervention for reducing adverse reactions and boosting immune response to HPV vaccination

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This project will examine the potential clinical applicability of exercise as a way to stop some of the side effects children often experience with the HPV vaccine, and improve the experience of vaccination, helping improve vaccination rates.  Note that there is a PhD scholarship available for this project.


Dr Kate Edwards

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Exercise, Health and Performance Research Group

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HPV is a sexually-transmitted infection that can lead to several cancers. HPV vaccination is an important way to protect against these cancers, so it’s important that vaccination rates are high and teenage girls and boys complete all 3 doses of vaccines. Unfortunately HPV vaccination is associated with high rates of adverse events (like pain and redness) as well as fear and fear responses (like fainting) in the teenage age-group. Acute exercise at the time of getting a vaccine has been shown to improve vaccine responses and to reduce the side effects with vaccines like influenza and Hepatitis B.

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Immunization, Vaccine, exercise, Adjuvant, HPV, adverse events

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