Determinants of effective coping: The role of individual differences


People differ in their level of emotional understanding and management, the way they interpret or appraise stressful situations, and in their personality traits and cognitive abilities. These differences between people can result in differences with how they cope in stressful situations, and ultimately in their well-being, achievement, and resilience. The current project will focus on how differences in internal psychological resources relate to peoples’ systematic appraisals of stressful events, the coping strategies that they employ, and finally to emotional outcomes indicative of positive emotions and well-being.


Dr Carolyn MacCann

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School of Psychology

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This project will focus on understanding the causal chain from an individual’s personality and emotion management skills through to the way they view the world, the coping strategies they use and the emotional well-being that results.

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resilience, adjustment, individual differences, academic achievement, coping with stress

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