Complex Coordination Dynamics in Disaster Response

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This research aims to develop a general framework for designing and modelling coordination in complex and dynamic environment based on coordination theory, complexity theory and organizational theory, and some advanced social network methods.


Dr Shahadat Uddin, Professor Liaquat Hossain

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Civil Engineering

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Disasters, whether they are naturally occurring (e.g., The New Orleans Hurricane) or man-made (e.g., The World Trade Centre attack), create a severe condition of disruption and destruction. The resultant environment of such an extreme event is very complex and dynamic, and changing very frequently over time. Response to disaster demands resources, skills, and effective coordination and collaboration from a wider range of agencies, such as, police, ambulance, and fire brigade. It is therefore a challenging task to integrate multiple actors in a complex and dynamic disaster environment into a smoothly functioning response system. This task become more difficult as the number of actors engaged in the environment increases and the range of confronted problems widens over time. Based on relevant theories (i.e., coordination theory, complexity theory, and organizational theory) and advanced social network methods for understanding network dynamics  (i.e., exponential random graph analysis and stochastic actor-level modelling approach), this project aims to develop a framework for understanding effective and efficient coordination and collaboration in complex disaster response environment. It further targets to capture different stages of micro- and macro-level involvements of actors to the disaster response network by distinguishing the evolution and adaptation phases of disaster response system.

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coordination, Coordination theory, network dynamics, complex coordination, social network dynamics

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