Characterisation of oxidative stress biomarkers in exhaled breath condensate


This project aims to investigate the significance of oxidative stress (OS) on the respiratory health of farm animals, primarily through the development of methodologies to measure OS biomarkers and then through the application of this technique in case-control studies designed to evaluating the significance of OS in the development of respiratory diseases that contribute greatly to wastage in the livestock industry


Dr Pietro Celi

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Faculty of Veterinary Science

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Exhaled breath (EB) is the product of alveolar gas exchange and airway water loss, and it contains a variety of potential biomarkers originating from inflammatory reactions in the airway mucosa. Because the method of exhaled breath condensate (EBC) collection is completely non-invasive, repeatable and does not require patient cooperation, EBC analysis is increasingly used in human medicine. The detection of OS biomarkers in EB and EBC is a new field of research in veterinary medicine with the potential to provide early identification of pathologies. Early detection of ‘at risk’ animal and clarity of understanding of the relevance and significance of OS in respiratory diseases may enable the implementation of strategic measures to reduce risk of livestock developing diseases. The exact physiological origin of OS biomarkers such as H2O2, and nitric oxide has not been clearly established in farm animals; the effects of changes in respiratory rate on the concentration of exhaled compounds in livestock are unknown, and for most of the markers there are no reference ranges available for healthy or diseased animals. The study of OS biomarkers in EB and EBC will facilitate the development of methods for dealing with issues in livestock medicine that are not adequately addressed using currently available technologies.

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The PhD candidate will be expected to undertake part of his/her research work overseas in collaboration with Prof Gabai (University of Padova, Italy).

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oxidate stress, farm animals, respiratory disease, biomarkers

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