Does moderate and vigorous physical activity and exercise modify the acute and short-term cardiometabolic effects of prolonged sitting?


Prolonged sitting is a typical characteristic of modern lifestyles that is linked to deterioration of metabolic markers both acutely, in the short-term, and in the long term.  The proposed research project will examine how a bout of moderate/vigorous physical activity and exercise modify the effects of prolonged sitting on cardiometabolic markers


Associate Professor Emmanuel Stamatakis, Associate Professor Corinne Caillaud, Dr Kate Edwards

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Exercise, Health and Performance Research Group

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Prolonged sitting is an emerging risk factor for cardiometabolic disease. It is often suggested that the pathways through which sitting affects cardiometabolic parameters are independent to the mechanisms through which physical activity exerts its benefits. The evidence supporting this hypothesis is weak. The proposed research project will examine whether bouts of physical activity (upper end of moderate intensity and vigorous intensity) moderate any effects that prolonged sitting has on markers of cardio-metabolic health. This project consists of a number of sub-projects and will look at different age groups (young adults, middle age adults and older adults). The focus will be primarily on metabolic outcomes, such as post-prandial glucose and insulin, but several hemodynamic, haemostatic and lipid-related outcomes that are linked to prolonged sitting and physical activity will also be examined. Depending on the direction and preferences of the student, this project may also involve epidemiological work elements.

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physical activity, Blood pressure, Randomised Controlled Trial, cross-over, Health behaviour, cardiovascular, metabolic, diabetes, cardiometabolic, behaviour change, prevention, physiology, lifestyle, controlled trial, moderator, effect modifier, epidemiology, effect modification, sitting, standing, Heart disease, sedentary behaviour, risk factors, chronic disease, adults

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