Microscale flows and microscale heat transfer


These projects employ our advanced micro-particle-imaging velocimetry (micro-PIV) diagnostics to study flow and heat transfer processes; we use computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to understand these results and develop generalised approaches to the design of microchannel heat transfer devices.


Professor David Fletcher, Emeritus Professor Brian Haynes

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Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

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The development of microstructured heat exchangers has provided exciting new methods for improving heat transfer performance and effectiveness in many areas, ranging from cooling of computer chips to process heating in large-scale systems. We have a number of projects in this area, including studies of: laminar and turbulent single-phase flows in complex passages with a view to developing optimal passage geometries; boiling heat transfer, exploring fundamental mechanisms of vapour generation; and condensation heat transfer.

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microchannels; microstructured systems; microPIV; CFD; thermofluids; mircrofluids

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