Video, photomedia and installation

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Merilyn Fairskye's work engages with the mapping of bodies, identities and terrains in uncontrolled technological environments/transitory domains, using video and photography.


Associate Professor Merilyn Fairskye

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Sydney College of the Arts

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Fairskye is interested in the fragility of human existence, and the ambiguities and nuances in what may seem like  straightforward situations. Her recent works have engaged with the mapping of bodies, identities and terrains in uncontrolled technological environments such as the Pine Gap Defence facility ('Connected', 2003–04), the transitory domain of the international airport ('Stati d’Animo', 2005–07), and bodies of water ('Aqua' 2007–).   Her current work engages with a near-cataclysmic event – the 1986 explosion at Chernobyl – and the resonances of its afterlife within and outside of post-Soviet Ukraine. Chernobyl is a metaphor for both the horror of uncontrolled nuclear power and for state secrecy and deception. It has ongoing, real consequences. This work explores what remains unresolved and unfinished.She is using video and audio material gathered from her trips to Ukraine in 2009–10. In 2009 she exhibited the first two of these works - 'Fieldwork I' (three-channel video) and 'Fieldwork II' (single-channel video) – in a solo exhibition at Stills Gallery, Sydney.

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contemporary art, spatio-temporal dislocation, narrative fragmentation, video, photomedia, installation, visual art, digital media, experimental photography, technology

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