The effects of genital image and body image on sexual functioning in women


The Effects of Genital Image and Body Image on Sexual Functioning in Women


Dr Gomathi Sitharthan

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Health Systems and Global Populations Research Group

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Coping with psychosexual issues for individuals and their partners can be difficult.  Disappointment, isolation and poor quality of life can occur if sexual issues are not understood.  Perceptions of one’s physical self play a significant role in one's sexual self-esteem.  The more discomfort one has about their body the more avoidance one may experience in expressing their sexuality.  Genital image is an important component of sexual functioning that is poorly represented in the literature.  The purpose of this research is to further investigate the association between genital image, body image and sexual functioning amongst women in the general population. This investigation will further our knowledge on the positive and negative body image and genital image concerns in women and its effects on sexual functioning.  This research is predominately quantitative research design.  The majority of scales used in this research are measures that are validated and will yield useful data.

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Sexual functioning, Body Image, Genital image, Comfort during sexual activity

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