Stress and coping among Indian sub continent Adolescents


Stress, Coping Strategies, Life Satisfaction, and Adaptations among Indian Subcontinent Adolescents.


Dr Gomathi Sitharthan

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Health Systems and Global Populations Research Group

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A significant proportion of Australian population is emigrated from other parts of the world. The recent immigration policies have contributed Australia as a land of immigrants compared to other countries. According to 2006 census, there were 242,447 Indian subcontinent born people in Australia. The Indian or Sri Lankan are highly represented in the higher status occupation categories, despite the short period of residence in Australia (Jayasuriya & Pookong, 1999). To date, there has been no research-based information on the acculturation of these migrant groups, the stresses in their day-to-day life, their mental health issues, and the utilisation of mental health services. The current research, which is first of this kind, will provide suggestions and advice which could help educational institutions to develop a policy on the awareness of the needs of culturally different groups.

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Indian subcontinent adolescents, stress, Coping Strategies, Life satisfaction

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