Predictors of Acculturation and Stress amongst Asian Indian immigrants


Acculturative Stress and Coping Strategies among Indian Subcontinent Adults


Dr Gomathi Sitharthan

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Health Systems and Global Populations Research Group

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In spite of Asian Indian immigrants’ significant presence and colossal influx in Australia, comprehensive and in-depth published research to examine their adaptation experiences is scant and almost non-existent. Hugo (2002) also expressed concern that Indian international migration has been one of the least studied of the major world diasporas despite its massive significance at home and abroad. Psychologists and social scientists have not paid much attention to the adjustment difficulties that Asian Indian immigrants’ experience. Research is needed to clarify the interrelationships among psychological and social factors producing adaptive stress, etc. (Gargi R; Sodowsky & Carey, 1987). The misguided stereotype of ‘model minority’ renders this minority group invisible in the eyes of researchers and service providers. This neglect may also be the result of negative cycle set up where scarcity of empirical research discourages further research on this community. As a result, adaptation of Asian Indian immigrants in Australia is not well understood. Besides, researchers have conducted vast number of studies on immigrants’ adaptive behaviour; however, they were based either in different countries or on different minority groups. Therefore, such research findings can not be considered relevant and reliable for Asian Indian immigrants settled in Australia.

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Indian subcontinent adults, stress, Coping Strategies, Life satisfaction, Acculturation

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