Sexual Health of South Asian Men living in Australia


Sexual Health of South Asian Migrant Men Living in Australia


Dr Gomathi Sitharthan

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Health Systems and Global Populations Research Group

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The research title is ‘Sexual Health of South Asian Migrant Men Living in Australia’. It explore issues like knowledge, attitude and values related to human sexuality, service utilization and help seeking behavior (for sexual health) of South Asian (India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh) adult migrant men living in Australia. The first stage is to collect ideas and extract themes using focus group discussions. The next stage is development of a comprehensive questionnaire based on focus group findings, literature and expert opinion and utilizing acculturation and other relevant scales. The final stage would be an online questionnaire survey.  At present, the research is in stage 2 after a successful completion of 5 focus groups with 25 men. The community based South Asian organizations provided extraordinary support for the study as well as the ethnic media who advertised the study at free of cost. The research is partly funded by Asia Pacific Society for Sexual Medicine.

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sexual health, Sexual dysfunction, South Asian men, Migrant sexual health, Help seeking behaviour

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