About Dr Brigid Rooney

Dr Brigid Rooney is currently working on a research project concerned with the patterning and representation of narrative time in selected post 1960s Australian literary fiction. With attention to works by writers like David Malouf, Gerald Murnane, Steven Carroll and Gail Jones, among others, she is pursuing questions about how and with what effects modernist conceptions of narrative time characteristically mediate fictional representations of Australian space, place and identity. Her teaching and research are also informed by a longstanding interest in public and national debates about Australia’s colonial legacy, and about the relationship of settler culture to place. Dr Rooney has a continuing interest in theorising the relationship between literature and the public sphere, especially in an Australian context, as exemplified by her recent book, Literary Activists: Writer-Intellectuals and Australian Public Life (University of Queensland Press, 2009).

Selected publications

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