About Dr Olaf Werder

Olaf Werder was educated in Germany and the United States. He joined the Media and Communications department in 2011 after ten years teaching in the United States. He has held positions teaching advertising in the College of Journalism & Communications at the University of Florida and as Associate Professor in Mass Communication at the University of New Mexico. He has published articles and essays in numerous journals in the United States and internationally. It is Olaf's belief that since his primary research and teaching areas are highly professional, relating material to industry needs and letting students create their own solutions does not only create a dynamic and realistic classroom environment but allows him to foster students’ research and career advancement early on. He is contributing author of Strategic Media Decisions (2008), a successful media planning textbook that is in its 2nd edition. His research primarily focuses on the social influence of strategic communication on what people do, say and believe. In other words, it is the search for (cultural) patterns as they relate to attitudes and behaviour in communication, particularly strategic communication. He has a special interest in those patterns connected to social and health communication and intercultural and digital strategic messaging.

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