About Dr Anna Boucher

Research interests include: Immigration; Welfare state policy; Gender and politics; Population politics; Ethnic relations; Human Rights; Public Law; Research Methods; Australian, Canadian and German politics

Anna Boucher's key research interests are in the areas of public policy, with a particular focus focus on immigration, gender and welfare state concerns. Her work considers these issues from both an Australian and comparative perspective, with a political science and legal focus. Anna is an active researcher in the immigration field, having co-founded the Migration Studies Unit at the London School of Economics. She is an ongoing Research Fellow of the Unit and a principal investigator of the International Migration Policy and Law Analysis Database (IMPALA), a joint collaboration between the Universities of Sydney, Harvard, LSE, Amsterdam and Luxembourg to create the first international database of immigration policy. In 2012, this project was awarded large-scale funding from the Australian Research Council and active doctoral researchers on this project are sought. She is also a member of the Public Policy and Privatisation research networks at the University of Sydney.

Selected publications

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