About Dr Abelardo Pardo

My research is based on the principle that individuals and communities need software and hardware tools to improve their well being.

Dr Abelardo Pardo is a Lecturer at the University of Sydney, School of Electrical and Information Engineering. He has a PhD in Computer Science by the University of Colorado at Boulder. His research interest is in the application of software engineering techniques to improve all aspects of the well-being of humans and communities. He has experience in areas such as behavioural analytics, computer supported collaboration, personalisation, and technology enhanced learning. He has participated in national and international projects funded by NSF (USA) and the European Union. He is author of numerous research publications in prestigious conferences and journals, member of the steering committee of the Society for Learning Analytics Research (www.solaresearch.org), and member of the editorial board of the Journal of Social Media and Interactive Learning Environments and the Journal for Learning Analytics.

Dr Pardo has participated in various international research projects in which software technology is used to improve personal well-being. In the area of behavioural analytics, he has developed a sampling application that offers a comprehensive set of events of how students participate in activities part of a learning experience. Visualisations have been also part of the research activities in which intuitive representations of data collected for individuals and communities are relayed back for self-reflection. The area of computer supported collaboration has also been explored in various research projects. Technology now offers an efficient way to observe, report and suggest improvements in work -related tasks. The common principle underlying these projects is that with technology, individuals can improve some of the aspects that contribute to their overall well-being.

Selected publications

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