About Professor Peter Gerangelos

I am interested in constitutional law, in particular the separation of powers, the nature of executive power and how the constitution informs our system of government and polity.

Professor Gerangeolos is a constitutional lawyer and academic with research interests in the separation of powers, executive power, and judicial power.

Prior to joining Sydney Law School, Peter Gerangelos had extensive experience in practice as legal counsel to the Commonwealth, holding the position of Principal Solicitor in the Office of the Australian Government Solicitor. In addition, he lectured in Constitutional Law, Public International Law, and Administrative Law. His experience includes a range of civil and public law litigation in the superior courts and the conduct of large civil prosecutions on behalf of the Commonwealth relating to revenue and commercial issues. He led the litigation team which successfully developed and implemented project management methodologies for the Australian Government Solicitor in its conduct of large and complex litigation; and was a representative of that Office on the inter-agency Liaison Committee with representatives from the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions and the Australian Securities Commission.

He is a recipient of the Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Post-Graduate Award which enabled him to undertake his doctoral research in comparative constitutional law and to spend the initial period of his canditature at Oriel College, Oxford. It is in this area that he maintains his primary research interest, and has published, with particular focus on the separation of powers, judicial power and the integrity of the judicial process, constitutional limitations and the history of constitutionalism. He is a member of the Australian Association of Constitutional Law.

In 2005, he was Visiting Scholar, Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge; and in 2010 at both the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge.

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Selected publications

  • Australian Federal Constitutional Law: Commentary and Materials (2nd ed., Lawbook Co., 2007) (co-author). Appointed lead author of the next edition of Australian Federal Constitutional Law: Commentary and Materials (forthcoming 2011).
  • The Separation of Powers and Legislative Interference with Judicial Process:  Constitutional Principles and Limitations (Hart Publishing, Oxford, 2009).
  • Constitutional Advancement in a Frozen Continent (as co-editor with HP Lee, Federation Press, Sydney, 2009).        
  • “Tax Coordination Between Regions in Australia - Role of the Courts”, in M. Lang et al (eds) Horizontal Tax Coordination, the Role of Courts, A Comparative Study (Kluwer, forthcoming  2011, chapter accepted December 2010)  
  • “The Parliament, the Executive, the Governor-General and the Republic” in P A Gerangelos and H P Lee (eds) Constitutional Advancement in  a Frozen Continent (Federation Press, Sydney 2009).  
  • “McGinty v Western Australia” in G.Winterton (ed), State Constitutional Landmarks (Federation Press, Sydney, 2006).
  • “Presidential Veto, and the Reserve Powers of a Head of State:  Notes from Iceland”, 21(2) Public Law Review 66-70.  
  • “Legislative Intervention in Pending Cases” (2008) 30 Sydney Law Review 61  (10 000 words)
  • “Interpretational Methodology in Separation of Powers Jurisprudence:  The Formalist/Functionalist Debate”, (2005) 7 Constitutional Law and Policy Review 1.  (18 000 words)
  • “Reflections on the Republic and Executive Power: The Evolution of the Winterton Thesis”, paper presented to the Australian Association of Constitutional Law, 17th November 2009.