About Dr Andrew Edgar

My primary research interest is administrative law. Most of my research to date has focused on the application of administrative law principles to environmental decision-making processes.

I have been an academic since 2008. Prior to that I was a post-graduate student and an editor for a legal publishing company.

Andrew Edgar is a lecturer in the Faculty of Law. He specialises in administrative law and environmental law. His research focuses on judicial review and merits review of environmental decisions.      

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Selected publications

  • Edgar, A, 'Decision-makers, Expert Witnesses and Advocates: The Roles of Planners in Merits Appeals' (2011) 29(3) Urban Policy and Research 293-307
  • Edgar, A, ‘Participation and Responsiveness in Merits Review of Polycentric Decisions: a comparison of development assessment appeals’ (2010) 27(1) Environmental and Planning Law Journal 36-52
  • Edgar, A, ‘Tribunals and administrative policies: does the high or low policy distinction help?’ (2009) 16 Australian Journal of Administrative Law 143-156
  • Edgar, A, ‘Policy, Morality and the Land and Environment Court’ (2006) 14 AJ Admin Law 38
  • Edgar, A,‘Dispensing with Development Standards by the Land and Environment Court’ (2006) 12 LGLJ 112
  • Edgar, A, ‘Standard Deviation: The Problematic Pre-Condition to SEPP1’ (2002) 19 EPLJ 226
  • Edgar, A, ‘The More Things Change the More They Stay the Same’ (1999) 5 LGLJ 42