About Associate Professor Anthony Henderson

My research is in representation theory and related areas of combinatorics and geometry.

I have a long-standing interest in the geometry of the various varieties which generalize the closures of nilpotent orbits, such as orbit closures in exotic nilpotent cones, Nakajima's quiver varieties, and nilpotent orbits for symmetric spaces. The desingularizations and intersection cohomology of these varieties usually have representation-theoretic significance. A further strand of my research is in more combinatorial areas related to hyperplane arrangements and their compactifications. My interest has been in computing the characters of the representations of symmetric groups and wreath products on the cohomology of various varieties on which they act.

I won the 2011 Christopher Heyde Medal of the Australian Academy of Science, for excellence in research in the mathematical sciences by a researcher under the age of 40 working in Australia.

Selected publications

1. Henderson A and Wachs ML. Unimodality of Eulerian quasisymmetric functions, J. Combin. Theory Ser. A 119 (2012).
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