About Associate Professor Steven Maras

Associate Professor Maras joined the Media and Communications department in 2005 after ten years teaching at the University of Western Sydney. A graduate of Curtin University in Western Australia (1988), he studied Honours at Murdoch University, and received his PhD in Communication Studies from Murdoch University (1994). He has published articles and essays in numerous journals in Australia and internationally, and is on the editorial advisory board of Continuum: Journal of Media and Cultural Studies. Associate Professor Maras has strong interests in both teaching and research, and is a firm believer in the possibility of a productive dialogue between scholarly and intellectual work and media practice and industries. He is the author of Screenwriting: History, Theory, Practice (Wallflower Press, 2009). He has a special interest in critical media literacies and the relationship of theory and practice; video production; how we understand and theorise communication; and all those aspects of media and communications that makes it such a fascinating area today.

Selected publications

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