About Dr Megan Le Masurier

Dr Megan Le Masurier’s research interests include: magazine studies – history, theory, practice; popular feminism; gender, sexuality and media; everyday culture; feature journalism and plagiarism.

Dr Le Masurier began working for the Department of Media and Communications in 2005 and teaches in both the undergraduate and postgraduate programs. She studied music at the Sydney Conservatorium, graduated with Honours in History from the University of Sydney and has recently completed her PhD on popular feminism and the Australian magazine, Cleo. Her professional life began briefly in the academy, fell happily into the magazine industry (writing and editing), and the CV is now beginning to read like there was a strategic rationale behind it all. (There wasn’t!) She is currently researching the phenomenon of microzines (small circulation independent print magazines) in the shadow and light of the internet.

Selected publications

  • [Chapter] ‘Telling tales in the negligent office’, in John Kinsella and Niall Lucy (ed.s), The Plagiarism Book (provisional title), Manchester, UK: Manchester University Press (forthcoming)
  • [Conference paper] ‘The Popular Orgasm’. Paper delivered at the ‘Living in the Seventies’ conference, Macquarie University, October, 2007
  • [Journal article] ‘My Other, My Self. Cleo Magazine and Feminism in 1970s Australia’, Australian Feminist Studies, Vol. 22, No. 53, July, 2007
  • [Conference paper] ‘Reading the flesh: the Cleo centrefold and the erotic gaze of popular feminism’. Paper delivered at the ‘Magazines and Modernity’ conference, University of Queensland, December, 2006
  • [Journal article] ‘Teaching our way through plagiarism in the academy’, Synergy, Issue 24, November, 2006
  • [Research report] ‘Sportswomen: Get Out in front!’ for the NSW Institute of Sport [NSWIS] and the Office of the Status of Women, co-authored with Dr Clifton Evers, 2006
  • [Issue Paper] ‘Gender and Health’ for NSW Department of Health Futures Planning Project, co-authored with Prof. Catharine Lumby, 2005
  • [Research report] Playing By The Rules: On and Off the Field for the National Rugby League (NRL), co-authored with Catharine Lumby, Kath Albury, Clifton Evers, Michael Moller and Wendy McCarthy, 2004
  • [Review] ‘Who Was That Woman? The Australian Women’s Weekly in the Postwar years’ by Susan Sheridan et al., Australian Feminist Studies, Vol. 17. No. 38, July, 2002